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Preparing a Joint Statement of Marital Property in Maryland

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Marital property division is an unavoidable part of every divorce. To that end, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse must complete and file a Joint Statement of Marital Property. This document is essential to ensuring a smooth and fair property division and determining spousal support.

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What Is a Schedule of Assets and Debts?

A Joint Statement of Marital Property is a standard form you and your spouse must complete and submit to the court. The Schedule asks you to list everything you own and owe. It is a required document in all divorces and legal separations in Maryland.

What Are the Benefits of Filling Out a Joint Statement of Marital Property?

Full disclosure facilitates transparency and equitable property division. If spouses only had to provide financial documents such as bank statements and pay slips, it would be easy to overlook certain assets such as expensive household appliances, antiques, or jewelry.

How To Fill Out a Joint Statement of Marital Property

You must list these items in your Schedule:

  • Real estate: This includes marital property and real estate you have acquired before the marriage. Include each property’s address, date of acquisition, debts owed, and an estimate of the current gross fair market value. Attach copies of the deeds and mortgage statements, if applicable.
  • Furniture, furnishings, appliances, jewelry, antiques, and art: List all items or belongings you own and indicate their fair market value.
  • Vehicles, boats, and trailers: Include the year, make, and model. You’ll also need to attach a copy of the title document or a statement of the loan balance for the reporting period.
  • Investments and retirement assets: These include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, pensions, profit sharing, annuities, and IRAs. For any accounts, remember to check your financial statements.

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It’s critical to fill out your Schedule of Assets and Debts correctly. At Jimeno and Gray, our experienced divorce lawyers can guide you through the process to help you avoid costly mistakes. 

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