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If you live with your grandchild and act as their de facto guardian or parental figure, you should consider protecting both the child and your status through a relative or kinship adoption.

At Jimeno & Gray, we can walk you through the Maryland adoption process and help your family stay together. Call us at 410-590-9401 today to schedule a consultation with a grandparent adoption lawyer.

What Is a Grandparent Adoption?

A grandparent adoption is a type of relative or kinship adoption in which an adult adopts a family member.

You may wish to adopt your grandchild because you already live together and you act as their parent in fact. Alternatively, the biological parents may be unable or unwilling to care for the child and agree to relinquish their parental rights to you. They may still remain an active presence in the child’s life, depending on your agreement and the interests of the child.

The Benefits of a Grandparent Adoption?

There are many important reasons why you should consider adopting your grandchild. As an adoptive parent, you will have the legal authority to:

  • Make medical, educational, and financial decisions about the child
  • Access your grandchild’s medical and educational records and other personal information
  • Put your grandchild on your insurance and Social Security and make them your legal heirs
  • Enroll your grandchild in school and extracurricular activities
  • Pick up your grandchild from school and take them to the doctor
  • Visit the child in the hospital

An experienced adoption attorney can explain your current rights versus your rights as an adoptive parent and help you find a solution that works for you and your grandchild.

How Do Grandparent Adoptions Work in Maryland?

Adopting a family member is easier and more straightforward than other forms of adoption, as you can skip certain steps of the “regular” adoption process

Here are the main steps in a Maryland grandparent adoption:

  • The child’s parents consent to the adoption, or the court terminates their parental rights.
  • You file a petition with the court to adopt your grandchild.
  • You may need to submit supporting documentation and complete home studies to prove you’re capable of caring for the child.
  • The child will be placed in your care, and you may undergo a post-placement supervision period.
  • You’ll attend a finalization hearing a few months later, after which the court will make you the child’s legal parent.

Even though family adoptions can be relatively straightforward, you still need an experienced grandparent adoption lawyer to help you complete the process.

Contact an Experienced Grandparent Adoption Lawyer

At Jimeno & Gray, we understand the legal complexities and sensitive nature of relative adoptions. We can support you and your grandchild and help you navigate this process with confidence. Call us at 410-590-9401 or contact us online to schedule your consultation with a grandparent adoption lawyer. We serve families in Glen Burnie, MD, and all of Maryland.