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Divorce can be stressful and complicated for any couple. But additional issues and concerns can arise when one or both spouses are in the military.
If you’re a military couple navigating divorce, our military divorce lawyer can help. Contact our team at Jimeno & Gray today at 410-590-9401 for assistance in Glen Burnie, MD.

Things To Consider in a Military Divorce

Military divorce presents a few unique considerations compared to civilian divorce. Below are several things to consider.

Residency Requirements

Typically, Maryland couples must file for divorce in their county of residence as long as one spouse has lived there for at least six months. Because military families often live on military bases temporarily, there are exceptions to this requirement.

If you or your spouse is stationed in Maryland, you can file for divorce in the state. Alternatively, a service member can file in the state where their spouse resides or in their legal state of residency.

Child Custody

A divorcing spouse’s military status can impact their child custody arrangement.

When judges determine child custody, they examine all factors impacting a child’s well-being.

If you are an active- duty military member seeking child custody, having an experienced law firm on your side is crucial.

Our Attorneys Are Here To Help

A military divorce can be more complicated and stressful than a civilian divorce. You must understand the unique aspects of this process to navigate it successfully.

Thankfully, you don’t need to suffer alone. Our attorneys at Jimeno & Gray have extensive experience helping military families through divorce. We can provide legal counsel, help you fill out confusing paperwork, and allow you to focus on your military career.

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If you’re struggling through a military divorce in Glen Burnie, MD, you don’t need to go it alone. Our team at Jimeno & Gray can provide tailored legal guidance to streamline your divorce. Contact us today at 410-590-9401 to schedule a consultation with a military divorce lawyer.