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in some cases, an annulment may be possible.

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Annulments can be difficult to attain, but there are instances where you can void a marriage.

The legal grounds for an annulment in Maryland include:

  • Consanguinity – your spouse is a blood relative.
  • Bigamy – your spouse is married to someone else.
  • Impotency – you must prove your spouse can’t meet your sexual and physical needs.
  • Mental disability – your spouse could be temporarily or permanently mentally disabled.
  • Duress – you were forced to marry your spouse.

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If you believe your marriage never should have occurred, an annulment might be an option.

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An annulment in Maryland, as opposed to a divorce, is a court decree that your marriage is either void or was never valid. There are very strict rules for seeking an annulment in Maryland and many couples fail to qualify.

If you’re looking to get an annulment, we’re ready to talk. We can help during this difficult time in your life.

In order for an annulment in Maryland to be declared totally void, there must be evidence showing the marriage never occurred or should not have occurred because your spouse is married to someone else, you are married to a blood relative or you are a minor. There is no direct proceeding for this kind of annulment, but it would be helpful to have a Glen Burnie divorce lawyer guide you through the process, particularly if you have children or shared assets with your “spouse.” 

Annulment Legal ServicesFor an annulment in which it can be declared your marriage was never valid, a court proceeding will be required. The grounds for this kind of annulment could be impotency, mental disability, duress, or simply the fact that you didn’t really intend to marry your spouse because of insanity or intoxication.

Although annulment is an option in a Maryland divorce, courts generally prefer parties to divorce. However, if your marriage is clearly prohibited, it will be annulled.

If you were seeking a Maryland divorce and have decided an annulment would be a better option, you should speak with a Glen Burnie divorce lawyer to ensure you have legal grounds for an annulment.

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